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Australian Sapphires For Sale

Our Sapphires are among the Highest Quality Sapphires in Australia, straight from the Rubyvale Mines. Backed with our quality assurance guarantee, you can rest assured that your purchase will be an investment not a mistake. We will supply a written valuation for gemstones at your request, unless already specified that one is supplied.

We can supply Parti-Colour, Star and Cabachon Sapphires in Trillion, Kite, Brilliant and Trapezoid cuts and many more combinations. Do you have a special sapphire request? Contact us and let us know the details and we will try and find your dream sapphire!

Click on the links below to find the best Australian Sapphires to meet your budget. Should you find that perfect Gemstone, you can either Click the Buy Now Button for Paypal Payments or Contact Us directly for alternative payment methods.

Sapphires by Price

Budget Gemstones | $0 - $999

Budget Australian Sapphires

Gorgeous colours and cuts at budget prices. Our budget Gemstones still adhere to our minimal enhancing treatment policies, ensuring you still get the same quality as other price categories.

Bigger Budget Australian Sapphires

Got a slightly bigger budget? These stones might be for you. Again, unmatched quality for the price. Australian Sapphires are amongst the most beautiful in the world, why not start your collection here.

Australian Sapphire Lovers

So you've got the gemstone collecting bug? Love Gorgeous jewellery set with your own chosen sapphires? Here are some Elegant Sapphires at unbeatable prices. These are a must whatever your purpose.

Invest in Australian Sapphires

The amazing Sapphires for sale in this section are the epitome of Australian Gemstones. They are without a doubt a prize Gemstone for any collection. Want any of these stones? Contact us directly for more information relating to these Gemstones.