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PB1 - Akoya pearls (from Fraser Island) - sold as individuals or in packs
PB1 - Akoya pearls (from Fraser Island) - sold as individuals or in packs - As above

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Akoya Pearls | Sapphires AustraliaIf your looking for the classic set of pearls, look to Akoya cultured pearls. Pearls are amongst the oldest and most universal of all gems. Akoya pearl oysters are grown inside Hervey Bay. They are the oldest jewels known to man and the only gem made by a living animal. The oldest surviving necklace is nearly 2000 years old. The Akoya is the most popular pearl, commonly seen in pearl strands and in earrings.

Akoya pearls are cultured in the Pinctada fucata martensii, also known as the Akoya oyster. Renowned for their luster, they are considered the classic pearl. Pearls were created when a foreign body of some sort, such as a grain of sand or a parasite, found its way into a pearl oyster. The oyster reacted by coating the irritant with layer upon layer of the pearly substance known as ‘nacre’, that gives the pearl its unique appearance and iridescent beauty. This unique relationship gave birth to the natural pearl.  They are generally white or cream colored with overtone colors of rose, silver or cream and are the perfect pearl for jewellery.

These pearls are grown on what are known as pearl farms. Several thousand oysters are nucleated and then cared for during the 2-5 years required for a pearl to grow and develop. Like any other form of farming, pearl farming can be as dependent on luck as it is on skill.
The first step in the pearl production process is to obtain oysters to be nucleated.
The process of nucleation is a surgical procedure, whereby a ‘bead’ prepared from mother-of-pearl is implanted into the oyster. The bead serves as a mould, or nucleus, around which the pearl develops.

After nuclearing the oysters are given a few weeks to recover from the surgery. They  are then placed in cages or nets and moved into the oyster bed, where they will be tended as the pearls develop. This process can require anywhere from a few additional months to several more years.

After the pearls have been allowed to develop fully, they must be harvested. When they have been extracted from the oysters, they are washed, dried and sorted into general categories. Sometimes, they are polished by tumbling in salt and water.

Akoya Pearls For Sale

Below is all of our gorgeous pearls that are currently available to buy. These Akoya Pearls are made available to Sapphires-Australia direct from the Pearl Harvesters. These Akoya Pearls are all high quality and hand picked by Rhonda and Toby to ensure that you are getting the best value for money.

To view more information on these Pearls, please click on the images that are below. You will then be sent to the Product Details page that contains further information and a larger image of the product.

Disclaimer: Colours may vary under different lighting conditions however we take all our own photos and try our best to give you an honest description. Colours contained within images are subject to variation. Enquiry and Purchase of items assumes that you understand this and that no refunds will be offered soley on colour variations.

Please also note that all our pearls whether sold in a setting or otherwise are fingerprinted, before a refund is provided gem fingerprints will be checked to ensure that the stone return is the same stone that was originally sent.